2014 Star Performer Employees

Listed below are Joan and Sanford I. Weill Department of Medicine employees who have been named as Star Performers.

Click the names below to read Super Star Stories about our "Top" Star Performers:

  • Anna Quinones, Senior Medical Secretary, (Gastroenterology & Hepatology)
  • Susan Daniel, Clinical Technician, (Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine)
  • Deanna Joa, Senior Administrative Secretary (Hospital Medicine - Lower Manhattan)

Listed below are Bronze Star Performers:

Bianca Kumar, Clinical Practice Nurse, (Gastroenterology & Hepatology/IBD)

Anna Quinones, Senior Medical Secretary, (Gastroenterology & Hepatology)

Listed below are Star Performer Medal Recipients:

Jaheidi Fonesca, Clinical Technician, (Gastroenterology & Hepatology)

Jihan Peters, Operations Assistant, (Education)

Jeanette Reyes, Administrative Secretary, (Iris Cantor Women’s Health Center)

Michelle Sanchez, Senior Medical Secretary, (Gastroenterology & Hepatology)

Maria Spinelli, Staff Associate (Cardiology)

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