Employee Recognition Program FAQ

1. What are the chances of my nominee receiving a RRR (Results Rewards Recognition) award?

Up to 12 awards are distributed per month; so up to 25% of employees will be able to receive an award each year. See the archive list of all award recipients since the program began in 2012.

2. Can someone get an RRR award if they already received a RRR award previously?

Nominees can only receive one award each year, but the RRR Committee tracks and acknowledges all nominations. Awardees may receive medallions for up to 4 years, and will then become lifetime RRR members.

3. Can more than one person nominate the same individual and will this increase their chances of receiving an RRR award?

Yes, more than one person can nominate the same individual. It does strengthen a nomination to have more than one nominator. Letters of support should be no longer than one page.

4. How should my colleagues submit statements of support for my nomination?

Statements or letters of support can be submitted by using this simple online form or by by placing a hard copy of the nomination form at one of our 40 nomination box locations. Nomination boxes are located throughout the Weill Department of Medicine in patient care waiting rooms, employee lounges, and/or divisional administration offices.

5. When can I submit a nomination?

You can submit nominations on a monthly basis. Awards are distributed on a bimonthly basis.

6. Can I nominate myself?

It is not recommended for individuals to nominate themselves.

7. Who can submit a nomination?

Any member of WCMC/NYPH community can submit a nomination, as well as patients. Faculty and supervisors can nominate their staff, employees can nominate their supervisors, and co-workers can nominate one another. Nominations can also be submitted by alumni, students, and people within the WCMC community who would like to recognize a WCMC employee's work.

8. Who is eligible to receive an RRR award?

These awards are intended primarily to acknowledge the work of benefits eligible employees. Areas of service reviewed are: clinical support, administrative, and sponsored research staff. These areas cover all academic non-faculty staff, such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants. These awards are not intended to recognize research or teaching accomplishments. Subcontractors, consultants and temporary employees are not eligible for RRR awards.

9. Does my nominee have to meet every criteria of the STAR performance categories?

A nominee does not have to meet every criteria, but they should meet most of the criteria.

10. How are the award recipients selected?

The RRR committee reviews all nominations and scores them based on how well they demonstrate specific criteria. It is very helpful to the committee if the nominator responds to each of the four Star Performer questions regarding the nominee. The committee also considers the diversity of the pool of recipients. Effort is made to include the most broadly representative group possible. However, the standard of excellence is the primary factor.

11. How is the selection committee assembled?

Each year the Office of Faculty & Staff Support puts together as diverse and broadly representative a committee as possible. All job categories, including faculty and a wide array of divisions, research laboratories and clinical practices are represented. Division Chiefs and Divisional Administrators can nominate faculty and staff on an annual basis to serve on the Committee.

12. How will I know if my nominee has been selected?

All nominators will be informed of the results, either by phone or by email and by letter on a bimonthly basis.

13. How are nominees notified if they have been selected for an RRR award?

On a monthly basis, nominees and their supervisors will receive a written notification of their nomination. On a bimonthly basis, the supervisors will be informed if their staff has won an award. The supervisor will present the star performance medallion to the awardee at a divisional meeting.

14. What awards do the recipients receive?

Individuals can receive awards for up to four years. The first year recipients receive a blue star medallion for their employee identification badge. Second year recipients receive a bronze medallion, third year recipients receive a silver medallion and fourth year recipients receive a gold medallion. All awardees and their supervisors are invited to attend the annual RRR awards ceremony. Of the 120 awardees, 24 individuals will be eligible to receive $100 gift cards, to be announced and distributed at the annual awards ceremony. Gold medallion awardees earn the status of lifetime member, and are invited to all annual RRR ceremonies.

15. Who has received an award?

Award recipients will be named on an archived list available on our Weill Department of Medicine website.


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