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Administrative Offices

Tipton (Tip) Ford
Chief Administrative Officer & Vice Chair for Business Affairs
Room: M-528E
Tel: 212-746-4271

Nancy Bennett
Associate Director, Faculty & Staff Support
Tel: (212) 746-4007
[email protected]

Eva Allen
Administrative Aide II
Chair's Office
Room: M-522
Tel: (212) 746-4720
[email protected]

Peter Kam
Associate Director
Budget & Accounting
Tel: (212) 746-4518
[email protected]

Suzanne Ross
Associate Director of Communications
Tel: (212) 746-4781
[email protected]

Monica Prabudoss
Assistant Director, Research and Sponsored Programs
Tel: (212) 746-4135
[email protected]

Diane Hawkins Williams
Manager of Faculty Support
Room: HT-621
Tel: (212) 746-4007
[email protected]

Eugene Chan
Systems Administrator
Tel: (212) 746-4072
[email protected]

Yim Zeshan

Accounting Supervisor

Tel: (212) 746-9859
[email protected]

Nadine Sylvain
Grants and Payroll Manager
Tel: (212) 746-4716
[email protected]

Karen Wong
Senior Budget Analyst
Tel: (212) 746-4756
[email protected]

J. Chris Follmer

Financial Analyst II

Tel: (212) 746-4217

[email protected]


Residency Office

Lia Logio, MD
Vice Chair for Education
Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program
Tel: (212) 746-4749

Margie Daly
Residency Program Manager
Tel: (212) 746-4749
Fax: (212) 746-6692
[email protected]

Divisional Offices

Bruce B. Lerman, MD, Chief
Ann Matier, Administrator
Room: ST-465
Tel: (212) 746-2176
Fax: (212) 746-8451
[email protected]

Clinical Pharmacology
Marcus M. Reidenberg, MD, Chief
Room: LC-424
Tel: (212) 746-6227
Fax: (212) 746-8835
[email protected]

Weill Cornell Internal Medicine Associates
Judy Tung, MD, Chief/Medical Director
Diego Arias, Practice Manager

Phone: 212-746-2395

Fax: 212-746-8822

[email protected]

Daniel Splitgerber
Administrator of WCIMA and Education
Room: HT-617
Tel: (212) 746-4371
Fax: (212) 746-8214
[email protected]

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
Julianne Imperato-McGinley, MD, Chief
Thomas Cunningham, Administrator
Room F-20

Tel:  (212) 746-1503

[email protected]

Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Ira M. Jacobson, MD, Chief
1305 York Ave, 4th Floor

Debbie Dimanche, Admnistrator

Tel: (646) 962-4778

[email protected]

Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluative Sciences Research
Mary E. Charlson, MD, Chief
Suzan Toro, Administrator
338 East 66th Street, Box 46
Tel: (646) 962-5060
Fax: (646) 962-0622
[email protected]

Geriatric and Palliative Medicine
Ronald D. Adelman, MD, Co-Chief
Mark S. Lachs, MD, MPH, Co-Chief
Sophia D. Gibbs, Interim Administrator
Room: F-1403
Tel: (212) 746-1733
Fax: (212) 746-4888
[email protected]

David M. Nanus, MD, Chief
Paula Goldstein, Administrator
Room: C-610G
Tel: (212) 746-4550
Fax: (646) 962-0356
[email protected]

Hospital Medicine
Arthur Evans, MD, Chief
Mary Elizabeth Kelser, Administrator
Tel: (212) 746-4910
Fax: (212) 746-4374
[email protected]

Kendall A. Smith, MD, Chief
Feil Research Building - Floor 2
Tel: (646) 962-8166
Fax: (646) 962-0530
(Laboratory Research Only/No Direct Patient Care)

Infectious Diseases
Roy M. Gulick, MD, Chief
Mufida Rosiana, Administrator
Room: A-421
Tel: (212) 746-4914
Fax: (212) 746-8675
[email protected]

Iris Cantor Women's Health Center
Orli R. Etingin, MD, Director
Ellen Connelly, Administrator
425 E. 61st Street, 11th floor
Tel: (212) 821-0558
Fax: (212) 821-8163

Nephrology and Hypertension
Manikkam Suthanthiran, MD, Chief
Anita Mesi, Administrator
Room: S-829
Tel: (212) 746-4430
Fax: (212) 746-6894
[email protected]

Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
Joseph T. Cooke, MD, Chief
Malika Maddison, Administrator
Tel: (646) 962-2333
Fax: (646) 962-0330
[email protected]

Mary K. Crow, MD, Chief
TBD, Administrative Director
Hospital for Special Surgery
535 East 70th Street, Room 721W
Tel: (646) 797-8487
Fax: (212) 774-7077

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