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Clinical Pharmocology

By the 1950s Weill Cornell Medical College was at the vanguard of solidifying clinical pharmacology - the study of the effect of drugs on the human body - as a specialized field in medicine. Since 1975, under the leadership of Division Chief Dr. Marcus M. Reidenberg, the Division of Clinical Pharmacology has thrived. This has included productive collaborations with the Department of Pharmacology. Weill Cornell was one of the first medical schools in the country to designate pharmacology as a separate department (1908).


Mailing Address
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/
Weill Cornell Medical College
Weill Department of Medicine
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Office of the Chairman
530 East 70th Street, M-522
New York, NY 10021
Tel: (212) 746-4720
Fax: (212) 746-8793
Email: [email protected]

Administration Office
1320 York Avenue, HT-621
New York, NY 10021
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Residency Office
530 East 70th Street, M-528
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