American Society of Nephrology Renal Week 2010


Denver, CO

November 16–21, 2010

The Division of Nephrology and Hypertension, Department of Medicine, and
the Department of Transplantation Medicine
and Extracorporeal Therapy

were represented at the ASN Renal Week 2010.

Dr. Thangamani Muthukumar, Assistant Professor of Medicine, gave two oral communications. The presentations at the meeting included:

Oral Communications

Discovery and Validation of Differential Expression of microRNAs in Human Renal Allografts with Interstitial Fibrosis and Tubular Atrophy (IF/TA)

T. Muthukumar, F. Mueller, S. Ebalu, D. Dadhania, M. Suthanthiran 

HIV+ Individuals with Kidney Transplantation (KTx) on an Early Steroid Withdrawal Protocol Are Clinically Stable and Molecularly Quiescent

T. Muthukumar, C. Afaneh, C. Hartono, D. Serur, J. Lee, D. Dadhania, R. Bologa, D. Leeser, S. Kapur, M. Suthanthiran 

Poster Presentations

Anti-Angiogenic Proteins as Premonitory Diagnostic Markers of Chronic Allograft Dysfunction

E. Moskowitz-Kassai, L. Mackelaite, J. Chen, D. Dadhania, S.S. Gross, P. Chander, V. Delaney, M. Suthanthiran, M.S. Goligorsky 

Identification of High Levels of mRNA Encoding T Cell Co-Stimulatory Proteins OX40 and OX40L during Episodes of Acute Rejection of Human Renal Allografts

M.L. Lubetzky, C. Afaneh, T. Muthukumar, D. Dadhania, S.V. Seshan, M. Suthanthiran 

Primary Glomerular Disease among 1,006 Adult Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Single Center Experience

A.M. Dommu, R.R. Mehta, T. Muthukumar, M. Aull, S.V. Seshan, M. Suthanthiran 

Publications Only

Intra-Operative Ureteral Stents: An Overlooked Cause of Severe Proteinuria following Kidney Transplantation

C. Afaneh, D. Morrone, D. Serur, M. Abreu-Goris, J.B. Lee, T. Muthukumar, C. Hartono, D. Leeser, S. Kapur, M. Suthanthiran, D. Dadhania



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