Evaluation of Subclinical Renal Allograft Damage

Study Status

Open to Enrollment

Study Description

This is a prospective study of kidney transplant recipients to identify the incidence, risk factors and biological markers for subclinical chronic kidney damage.  At 3, 15, and 36 months after the transplant, eligible subjects will undergo a research renal biopsy, and provide blood and urine samples for different types of biological markers.  

The goal is to find biological markers that predict progression of chronic kidney damage in the transplanted kidney and to identify potential novel targets to improve long-term survival of renal transplants. 


NIAID/NIH; Qatar National Research Foundation (QNRF)

Key Eligibility

  • Female (including women of childbearing potential) and male kidney transplant recipients age 18-80
  • Women who become pregnant after enrolling in the study will not undergo any biopsies while they are known to be carrying a child
  • Eligible subjects eitehr plan to have the transplant or have recently undergone the transplant (within 3 months)
  • Subjects taking Coumadin for chronic conditions or with multiple organ transplants will be excluded
  • Subjects must be able to provide informed consent

Principal Investigator

Darshana Dadhania, MD


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